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Youth Empowerment Events & Programs

Jon Schoonmaker and Omega Team Leaders are available to provide impactful and exciting youth events and programs.  Local, regional, and national schools, churches, and youth-serving agencies have benefited from the motivational expertise Jon brings. Jon skillfully works with the hiring agency to meet program goals by developing one-of-a-kind experiences.  Jon created The LEGACY Program, Wolakota, and The Omega Leadership Initiative.  All programs are grounded in the vision of empowering youth to discover and step into their best selves.







LEGACY is a dynamic day-long experience designed to empower teens and to build a youth community that is safe for every teen.


Through a series of carefully planned and facilitated activities students learn to own their impact, to be authentic in relationships, and to bring their best to every moment.   The Day’s activities include high energy large group interaction, small group dialogue, thought-provoking presentations, trust-building exercises, and personal reflection.  While engaged in these activities the students examine their life experiences and explore what it means to leave a positive legacy in their local community and beyond. 


The LEGACY Day is facilitated by Jon Schoonmaker, and Jon is assisted by the LEGACY Team which is comprised of teen leaders who have been trained prior to the LEGACY Day. 


The LEGACY Team is an integral piece of the LEGACY experience.  This team of students serves as small group leaders and youth speakers during the Day.   These students also serve as peer mentors and are available for support to participants long after the conclusion of the Day.

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